Caring Temple MBC - 13928 Hubbell, Detroit, MI 48227


Known for his bright smile and distinctive laugh, Minister Rose is no stranger when it comes to the house of God.   Throughout his years in the ministry he has served faithfully as a Deacon for 26 years assisting his spiritual and biological father, the late Pastor Robert L. Rose.  Minister Rose enthusiastically taught Sunday school to many of Caring Temple’s youth down through the years.  Whatever his hands finds to do, he does it whole-heartedly unto the Lord.

Minister Rose was taught the teachings of Christ at a young age at Custer Street Church of God In Christ.  As he grew older he accepted Christ as a member of The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.  Minister Rose later followed his biological and spiritual father, the late great Pastor Robert L. Rose, joining Caring Temple Missionary Baptist Church as his church home for the past 27 years. 

Minister Rose attends the Union Baptist Seminary.  He holds a Bachelors degree in Religious Studies and is pursuing a Masters degree in Divinity.

Minister Rose is married to LaDonna Rose.  They are the proud parents of four children, Jacob, Jaela, Jordin and Jade. His entire family is involved in service to the Lord.  It is our prayer that God will continue to bless this union. To God be the Glory for all the things he has done and will continue to do at Caring Temple Missionary Baptist Church. 

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